Week 18 – Kindness is Everywhere … you just have to stop and look.

If we are honest with ourselves for most of our life we weren’t really sure what really makes us happy. We think we do, its only in hindsight that we realize we were wrong. Do the Math … 365 days a year times roughly 80 years = approx. 30,000 total days to live.   We sacrifice and give so many of our 30,000 days for something that we believe will offer happiness – the money, the job title, the house, the new car – then we find out it was a sham … that thrill of the chase is followed by disappointment and an emptiness, and we keep reaching for the next “prize”.

Neuroscience is now teaching us things that can bring real happiness in our daily lives.  Actually all it’s doing is confirming what we all ready know deep in our bones to be true.

I know its crazy … but it seems that being kind to others makes us happy.

You know the feeling you get when you give a gift … even a compliment  or a kind gesture.  That look in their eye that tells you they truly appreciate it.  That is an amazing feeling, one that can keep you going for days!! So it turns out that being nice to others is also being kind to yourself.   This wonderful little cycle of joy that we create.

This is an amazing video shows some simple acts of kindness. This was recorded from dashboard surveillance cameras, Russian drivers have had the opportunity to record some memorable moments, where people help each other and help other species too. It’s so heart touch­ing. I can’t watch this without getting a little misty … no small feat for a RED …

I dare you to watch this and not feel motivated to go out and do something nice for someone.

Have a break. Enjoy this


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