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WEEK 5 – MKMMA – I’m so opinionated

Ok … so for all the “reds” out there you are going to understand what I’m saying … all the blues (Nurturing, caring with all your stinking “feelings” ) will think I’m nuts.  But quite frankly this “NO OPINION”  thing has been really hard!!!

For one thing the world moves too slow.  everyone makes decisions too slow, they drive too slow, they talk to slow.  If we just cut they crap and listened when I gave my opinion then the world would be a better place.  Its not about me mind you, its just that I know whats best for everyone and I have your best interest at heart.  I genuinly want things to go better for you, which they would if you just listened to me.

Ok … Maybe that was a bit too much, but that is whats happening inside the mind of a 65.6% RED.  The great part of this exercise is I am starting to see the light.  That I am in fact way too opinionated.  I offer it without being asked, and get frustrated when I’m not asked.

The biggest “ah ha” moment is when I hear my inner voice speaking while others are talking to me.  I’m already formulating an opinion before I’ve heard them out.  I should at least hear all of the crap and feelings they are babbling before I’ve come to a conclusion 🙂

Even while I’m writing this the alarm I set on my iPhone to go off every hour that says in big bold letters “NO OPINIONS” is a reminder that this will be more than just a one week exercise.  That the magic behind these suggestions from our MKMMA is that we become aware of our strengths and the areas that need improvement.

I would love to talk about your feelings BLUE’s I want to hear what you have to say.  But please …  for the love of all things … can you speed it up a little .


MKMMA week 4 – Peptides are the key

Some “Not so Basic” Celluar Biology.

It is now understood that we have 10’s of thousands of receptors on each cell in our body. Each receptor is specific to one peptide, or protein. When we have a specific feeling like anger, sadness, guilt, excitement, happiness or depression, each separate emotion releases its own neuropeptide.  Those peptides then surge through your body and connect with those receptors and actually change the structure of the cell.

This is where it gets really interesting and wicked cool! … When the cell divides and it has been exposed  to  peptides of  certain type more than others, the new cell will have more receptors that match that type of peptide.

So … if you have been bombarding your cells with peptides that are negative … you are literally programming your cells to want more in the future.  Essentially become “addicted” to those types of feelings and thoughts.  Even worse the new cell now has less receptors for the positively produced peptides, making yourself more inclined to negativity.

This is why it takes more than just counting to 10, or punching a pillow, or going for a walk to clear your head … to dramatically change your long term attitude.  Everycell cell in your body is replaced every 2 months. So if you have been inclined to thoughts of negative thinking, pessimism, negative self talk, feelings of low value, or frustration, plan on working on your thinking for more than just a few days or a weekend seminar if you want to see more permanent results.

Start reshaping your self at the cellular level TODAY.  You can change your biological structure of your cells and become more inclined to happiness and being more optimistic.

It ‘s hard work but worth the effort!!!

MKMMA – week 3 – I’m winning!!

Ok so .. I have to be honest.  My life is at a massive cross roads.  After 8 months of recovering from a massive fire at my home and being injured, we are a couple of days away from finally moving home.  The Master keys could not have started at a worse time for me.  BUT .. it also came a great time!  Its helping me create habits that will set the stage for my “relaunch”.

Here’s where the honesty is coming in.  I’m finding it a massive challenge to keep up with the skills and the readings … but when I do it its making a HUGE difference in my thinking.  I can’t wait to see what happens when I have 100% focus on the business and these skills.

This week was a great eye opener for me.  I didn’t get my “chore” completed. And in the past I would have really gotten down on myself.  But I didn’t … because I’m focused on the process instead of the outcome.

Thanks Hennel.

Master Keys – Week one / and Two combined

Week One – I have one word for you … “Total frustration”

So … after 6 days of freaking out that I was inadverintly removed from the MKMMA, Davene kindly got me straightened out and I’m now up and running.  I was feeling a little concerned about getting behind, but I’m settling in nicely with the skills. 

I mentioned on the call yesterday that I struggle with my sit.  But Mark mentioned something that really stuck yesterday.  Red’s need a reason to do everything (I’m a nearly 70% RED … if you don’t know what that is yet it will change everything for you) … all the warm and fuzzy, Kumbaya,  “feelings”  stuff in the world has no effect on a RED … give me a good reason to do it, and I’ll sit for hours.  More importantly … connect the dots on my DMP … to the skills … to the decisions to make it happen .. and BAM!!!!  My trouble was the decision to do the work was not made yet.  I had only decided to go through the motions.  Kinda like a patient being told to take a spoonful of code liver oil everyday.  

“I’ll do it cause its good for me .. but I’m not going to like it … dam it!!”

After meditating on my “decision” to do this and the WHY … I’ve come to a different conclusion.  I had a DMP that quite honestly … I was going to accomplish most of it without changing my blueprint. I could get it done by continuing to do what I always done.  Work hard, work super long hours, barley spent time with my kids, and convince myself that I was doing what was in everyone best interest.

So after the call last night I had an epiphany … there was something glaringly missing from my DMP that was really holding me back from “buying in”. 

I made a pretty major change to my DMP today and things changed pretty dramatically.

(Cliff hanger for next post!!)

I was actually looking forward to my sit today. 

Who knew?? That a big dumb Lithuanian from Little Italy could be so smart?? 🙂