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WEEK EIGHT – ELE – Everybody Love Everybody

Everybody love Everybody … Is that even possible??  What if your dislike  its so deep, so firmly intrenched that you’ve been hanging on to it for years.

In some far-off monastery, perhaps a lone monk enjoys a life of peace, without a single hateful thought ever crossing his mind. For most of the rest of us, thinking some hateful or negative thoughts has, well, happened to all of us.

So how can we tame our thoughts and improve our well-being? Research shows that repression doesn’t work. In fact, the harder you try not to think about something, the more likely it is to pop back into your thoughts. This rebound effect is particularly common with emotional concepts, such as hate or love.

The key then is not to try and NOT think about Hate or negative thoughts, but instead, replace them with something positive.

I’ve become an amateur  gardner of sorts … I’ve learned one undeniable truth.  If you plant flowers in your garden … you get Flowers.  If you plant weeds in your garden … you get weeds.  If you plant nothing in your garden … you still get weeds.

So in the absence of productive gardening , or thinking … you get negative thinking.  Its not enough to remove the weeds … you have to plant something productive in its place.

It’s why I’ve never really understood the philosophy of meditating by “emptying your mind”??  I believe whole heartedly that we should meditate, but it needs to be focused on something positive.  Or unfortunately as much as we try, the pressures of the day, the weeds, will creep back in.

Have you ever seen a cow chew his cud? I know it’s kinda gross.  It chews it’s food a little and then several hours later he regurgitates it up and chews on it some more.  A cow can’t regurgitate on an empty stomach, and we can meditate on an empty mind.  It has to be on something positive, uplifting, that we have previously taken in.

The 7 day mental diet has been a challenge, as I’m sure it has for all of us.  But its worth the effort and even though it might seem mechanical at first, the mental exercise is worth the work!!

Much Love!


WEEK 7 – … I love you man

So … my Greastest Salesman read everyday … firs t thing in the morning I usually am on kid duty making breakfast getting ready for school … So I’ve started doing my read with them. I figured how could reading about love in my heart hurt a 5 and 7 yr old.

So.. Been doing this for the last 2 weeks almost every morning.  Reading scroll 2 out loud with “enthusiasm”.  and yesterday a strange thing happened.  The 5 year old started chiming in every-time I said “I greet this day with love in my heart”  I was so cool.  Not only did he say it with me but emulated the enthusiasm along with it!

Never had a prouder moment then watching a 5 year old with PB and J smeared across his face raise his hands above his head and say with conviction ” I greet this day with love in my heart!!!”

Then it became so clear.  All the habits and wiring that happened to us as kids, all the years of conditioning that we are trying to undo with this course, all the negative “red pen syndrome” that helped to generate the need to create a new blueprint … all of that can be avoided.  I can help to develop these young minds, with the proper blueprint already in place.  I can help create a new generation of kid… A “super Hero” of sorts who has unlimited potential, who is surrounded by positivity all the time. Who has clearly defined goals and a vision of what he really wants. A future that isn’t dominated by the clock … instead by there bliss.

Now if only they could use this new power for good instead of evil … and pick the lego up off the floor.

Week 6 – The Press release / Interview – Process

This process was really cool.  I have to say, the opportunity to do this, did wonders for my ability to visualize my DMP.  I enjoyed writing it and seeing myself  4-5 years from now.  It absolutely made it crystal clear.  I loved thinking of myself in that way.  It actually made me sleep better and feel calmer …(is that weird??)

I would love your feedback!!